Windows Millennium Edition

Tuesday July 25 by Claudia bourneCNN
Windows Me--Microsoft's cutesy abbreviation for Millennium Edition--is billed as the last member of the product line that began conquering the world's desktops five years ago with the ascension of Windows 95. (Yes, Microsoft said the same of Windows 98 before it arrived, but this time the company seems to mean it.) This final installment in the Windows 9x family includes flashy gewgaws and an important new suite of system recovery utilities, all aimed at device-happy consumers who like multimedia tools and who long for a more crash-resistant PC. Businesses using Windows 95 or 98 will also find things to like about Me. In particular, its recovery capabilities could entice systems administrators who are driven to distraction by users who crash machines after installing unauthorized software. But companies that need rock-solid stability, powerful networking capabilities, and serious security features are far better off migrating to Windows 2000 Professional.

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