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BCSRate This Site
British Computer Society

Center for Automation ResearchRate This Site
No Description available

CEPISRate This Site
Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

CRARate This Site
Computing Research Association

The Digital Queers Initiative at GLAADRate This Site
No Description available

EATCSRate This Site
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science

FESIRate This Site
Spanish Federation of Computer Societies

GIRate This Site
German Informatics Society

GMDRate This Site
German National Research Center for Information Technology

HKCSRate This Site
The Hong Kong Computer Society

IEEE Computer SocietyRate This Site
No Description available

Informatics Society of IranRate This Site
No Description available

ISCARate This Site
International Society for Computers and Their Applications

LFCIARate This Site
Laboratory of Foundations in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

NCSRate This Site
Norwegian Computer Society

NJSZTRate This Site
John von Neumann Computer Society

OCGRate This Site
Austrian Computer Society

USENIXRate This Site
Advanced Computing Systems Association

VRIRate This Site
Netherlands Association of Registered Information Scientists

Brown University Computer Science DepartmentRate This Site
Student Consultants People and Organizations Faculty Graduate students [Student Resources] [People & Organizations ] [Department Resources]

USC Computer Science DepartmentRate This Site
Sciences Institute Alumni Student Organizations Staff Admissions

UCLA Computer Science DepartmentRate This Site
UCLA Computer Science Department Search Text Only Architecture California, Los Angeles Computer Science Department 4732 Boelter

University of Utah Computer Science DepartmentRate This Site
Interdisciplinary Programs Student Organizations Resources Colloquium Series Student Handbooks Computer Facilities

ETH Zürich/Department of Computer ScienceRate This Site
(german), Related Organizations , Women in Computer Science Systems, Inst. of Theoretical Computer Science , Inst. of

University of Washington Computer Science & EngineeringRate This Site
Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering Department of Computer Science

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